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Ecommerce design mistakes that can harm your business

In the times when eCommerce businesses are blooming, it’s become imperative to build an eCommerce Site that is loved by the customers. What really matters is how do people view, browse and use your site. So you need to get ahead with the testing finding what exactly works on your website. Now a great place to start with as it comes to designing your site is conversion studies.

Moving forth, today we will be discussing five big ecommerce design mistakes:

Missing out on a clear value proposition
Among the famous conversion experts, Peep Laja of Markitekt asserts that communicating your value to customers is quite significant. A strong value proposition is your way of telling your customers why to choose you over your competitors. This is really important for ecommerce, however most ecommerce sites out there have poor value propositions and also fail to effectively communicate what they are selling exactly.

Usage of images in the value propositions is essential as images can tell a lot about a product. Using the pictures you can attract those will profit you and they must be used only when they form a better selling argument than the same amount of space set in type.

What makes for a good value proposition?
• A headline
• Body copy
• Additional benefits and social proof
• Alluring images

Once people know what they are buying and why they should buy it from you, your site is certain to see an increase in sales. So, being direct and clear is important.

Misguided Product Descriptions
Product descriptions are essential. The information out there on the website can be incorporated into how you handle product descriptions. It happens on the basis of how you think about the product and how your customer shops for it.

Find out whether your audience is really concerned about the looks. Accordingly adjust your image use and product descriptions and this way you can assure way more informed and happy shoppers for yourself.

Unable to utilize Quality Images 
Now as you sell items dependant on looks, the visuals play an incredible role. Just by increasing an ecommerce image size, you can improve conversions to a great extent. In fact, including the images in the search bar, you can improve conversions via site search by 100%. Image quality matters a lot as it’s a best way to sell a physical good by getting it in their hands. As it can’t be done online, you can at least get them imagine it in their hands with the use of high-quality images.

Absence of Visual Hierarchy
It’s easy to understand the significance of visual hierarchy, which helps in easily navigating a website as actions start to become more recognizable owing to the site’s design. Colors accents are crucial here, as accent colored text is a clickable link while base text is unclickable. This complements the site’s overall background color.

As you come across friction on your website, try to ease it by finding ways to highlight the essential elements on your site and blend in the lesser important links and information.

Not making your site appear trustworthy
Brand recognition means you don’t have to prove to people your trustworthiness. Being trustworthy doesn’t mean customers will believe you. It’s imperative for your site to reflect your enthusiasm, ability and track record of fulfilling promises. Design of the site is more important than the actual content of the site.

Now you can easily make your site appear trustworthy. Having a customer-focused approach is vital. Like you can focus on aspects that stop a customer from shopping online. Once you have considered the worries structure your social proof to address these issues. Like you can go with customer testimonials, notable press, providing essential company info, up-to-date design, etc.

Ultimately, testing is the ultimate solace and this must be done continuously.

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