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What are the benefits of having a mobile app for you business? As you can see, technology has had some major advances in today’s world. Not just in the different discoveries that have been made but also in the velocity at which they are made. We have been adopting these different advances into our daily lives through mobile devices, televisions, computers, and even in the way that we make purchases. If we take a look at different businesses there is no doubt that most count on these technological tools to be successful, especially when it comes to mobile phones. Mobile commerce is so popular now a days that not using this to your advantage means loosing out significantly on so many opportunities. These are some of what I consider benefits of having a mobile app for your business: 

Presence in the consumers mind at all times: Mobile phones are used continuously through out the day, this means every time someone uses their mobile device and sees your companies mobile app you would be positioning themselves in the subconscious of the user. 

Contact with Customers: The mobile app can serve as a way to send messages in a fast and efficient manner. Your business can send out anything from promotions to store hours and other information. 

Security and Trust: Having a mobile app that works well and is effective gives consumer the security and trust that will reflect on the business or organization and in turn help gain the long term fidelity of these clients. 

Recognition: Sometimes consumers know exactly what they want but don’t know where to get it. Being present in a mobile application guarantees that the user will have an easier time finding your business because all they have to do is download the mobile app. 

Offers comfort: One of the most important factors of customer satisfaction and loyalty is the experience a business provides their customer. If your business has a mobile application that allows clients to gain information and even consume from the comfort of their own home it will increase the percentage of closing a sale. Many times consumers don’t want to drive all the way to a store to buy one thing so it would ease this purchase.

It’s measurable: Presently you can count the number of times an application has been downloaded. You can also find other facts and statistics from the use of the application that could allow your business to get to know your customers at a more personal level. 

It increases creativity: Although your business could be merely adminstrative, a mobile app will always permit for some dynamic interactions, that can be offered in a creative and exciting way increasing the interest of your customers! 

These are only a few of the benefits a mobile application can provide a business. Although I believe a mobile app to be the most effective way to gain attention, there are many other ways to have digital presence through multi-platform devices or mobile websites; your job is  to analyze which is the best option to help take your business to the next level! 

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