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Smart Products Development: Which roles we are taking of? 

Whether it is smartphones, smart cities, smart cars or even smart toothbrushes, smart technologies are finding their way into, and around, the everyday things we like to buy. The opportunities unleashed by smart products are seemingly endless for any company seeking game-changing innovation or new levels of efficiency. However, product companies need to get on board, and fast, to ensure they are not left behind in the quickly intensifying and accelerating smart product market. Smart products are emerging across industries and are already having a profound impact on product development, manufacturing, marketing, sales and the customer experience. If properly instrumented and personalized, smart products not only exude reams of insight on product usage and status across the value chain, but they can also inform continuous product improvements and influence strategic moves into connected and/or radically adjacent markets. The digital data emanating from smart products is where value — or alchemy — can be found.  By distilling and applying the insights gleaned from product intersections, manufacturers (and other players in the value chain) can strengthen customer relationships and create new and more profitable sales channels.  

Adventure Media is aiming at taking these roles in the development of smart products. 

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